Senior Project Week … it’s on the way!

Have you noticed some crazed looking seniors roaming the hall … it’s that time of year again.  Between projects, websites, display boards and presentations some of our seniors think they may just not make it past February.  But, they will.  I have faith in them.  I know they can do it. 

Hang in there seniors.  And, underclassmen, give them some space! 🙂

Later, Gators – Mrs M.

Ugh …

So sorry for being sick again today.  I can tell myself that I wouldn’t be any good to you if I were there, I am really feeling really crummy!  But, I miss you guys and the thought of being absent 2 days in row with an illness is too much! 

I am SURE you are being good little darlings, right?  The substitute is SO impressed with your behavior and work habits, right?  How did I know.

My plan is to be there on Monday … We only have a few days until the winter break … unbeliveable!

Wish me good health, my favorite students! 

Later, Mrs. M.

I’m baaaaack!

I will see you all again in the classroom after my 1 week absence.  Seattle was awesome, but  I kinda missed ya all.  Kinda.  🙂  I saw Jade when I was out and about over the weekend and she assured me that the classroom is still in one piece.  I received a text on Thursday that the Rams REMAIN undefeated.  But, duh, right?  Fantastic.  I can’t wait to hear how that game went. 

See you all on Monday …
Juniors – 1 final day with the Gatsby and Seniors … that rough draft is due on Wednesday! 

Oh, and to my 18-year-old seniors, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday! 

Later, Mrs. M

Quarter One … BUH-BYE, already?

Can you believe that quarter one is all wrapped up and complete?  Time is flying!  I guess that means we are having fun, right? 

Well, we have an undefeated football team … no complaints there, huh? 

Seniors are currently completing the hardest part of the research paper writing process … and loving every minute of it.  Hang in there, ladies and gents, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I promise.

Juniors just met Gatsby and have learned a couple of the rumors about who this mystery man may be.  The Gatsby seems to be a hit so far. 

See ya in class, Mrs. M.

Half way through the Quarter

Juniors and Seniors … last week marked mid quarter (oh, how time flies, eh?)  Most of you are doing a-ok in my classroom.  But, some of you have fallen behind.  For those of you that would like to see a higher grade, make arrangements to talk with me and we can come up with a plan of action.  At this point in your high school career, the opportunities for “do-overs” become more scarce … not many want to think about summer school AFTER their senior year to get a diploma, right?  So, don’t get yourself in that situation.  Stay on top of your studies, talk to me if you feel like you are struggling. 

Good luck for the remainder of the quarter!  Mrs. M.

We survived the first week!

YEAH!  We survived the first week of back to school! 

All of my students now have a tablet pc, how cool is that? 

I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn how to best use this new tool in our classroom.  Friday was our first attempt at DyKnow and we learned about network bog downs.  But, by the afternoon, DyKnow was running pretty darn quickly. 

Stay safe this weekend!  See ya Monday, Mrs. M.

!! WELCOME BACK Students !!

You’re excited for the new school year, right?  Right?  Just a little bit? 

I am VERY excited for the school year.  For reals.  Why?  Well, thanks for asking.

  1. You are all going to walk into my classroom with a tablet PC … how COOL is that?  We are practicing patience, right?  And, when things crash and bugs show up we all have a calming mantra, right?  And, we are not going to complain about system glitches because we understand that it takes time to work some of those network things out, right?  AND, you are going to be happy and responsible laptop owners, right?  RIGHT?  Right.  Exactly.  That’s what I thought!  Do you KNOW how lucky you are to be in an educational setting like this, you are very lucky.  I know you will make the best of this opportunity.
  2. I get to see my seniors, again!  Yeah!  We had a good year as juniors, didn’t we.  The ’09 seniors are a great group of students and I’m glad I get to see all of them in my classroom again.  I predict this year’s group of Sr. Projects to be at the top of the list.  Seniors 09, I look forward to working with all of you again. 
  3. I get to meet a whole group of new students.  And, I’ve heard good things about the incoming juniors.  Yep, Mrs. W bragged on you a bit.  I’m expecting great times as we go through our novels and writings and projects.

Welcome back, Students!  I’m glad to see you! 

Toodles, Mrs. M.

Ms. H to Mrs. M !!!

Note the name change, everyone!  Jeff and I are married! 

Will I still respond to C-Hud or H … yeah, probably … but, the more we all use the new name the better!

(my older posts still have Ms. H as the sign off).